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Hello, my name is Jeffrey Vagg. It is an honor to be your child’s golf coach, and I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to you.
Prior to obtaining a second bachelor’s degree with a concentration in golf management, I have enjoyed learning and teaching most of my adult life. I have a bachelor’s degree in aviation management, I am a Navy veteran, and I spent 30 plus years as airline pilot, which included many hours teaching as a flight instructor. In addition to teaching your child new golf skills from putting to full swings and proper golf and course etiquette, we have two important goals:
First, Safety! We take this seriously and have planned our activities with this goal in mind.

Our second goal is to HAVE FUN! (Seriously!)
We sincerely hope your child learns new golf skills, meets new friends, and has fun in the process. If so, we would be more than happy to have them continuing to grow with us at Diamond Oaks. Our youth program includes ongoing classes, such as the "Monday After School Class" during the school year and our "Summer
Camps." In addition, we are currently developing an age appropriate "Future Legends" program specifically for youngsters 4 to 6 years of age.

Please see me directly before or after classes to get any of your specific questions answered.
Thank you,

Coach Jeff

Jeff Vagg