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Dale's Workshops

10:00 - 11:00 a.m.
Diamond Oaks Golf Course
$15 per Lesson

January 5th - Putting
January 19th - Chipping
February 2nd - Pitching
February 15th - Total Short Game Practice
March 1st - Overview of the Full Swing
March 15th - Importance of the Set Up and Pre Short Routine
April 5th - Getting the Club to the Top of the Backswing
April 19th - Starting the Downswing and Getting to the Impact Position
May 3rd - Total Practice (Putting, Short Game and Full Swing)
May 12th - Hybrids and Fairway Woods
June 7th - Driver
June 21 - Total Practice (All Clubs)

Please call the pro shop 1 hour prior if it looks like rain and you are unsure if we are holding the workshop.

Meeting Place:
Diamond Oaks practice facility 

Dale Smith
Teaching Professional
Diamond Oaks Golf Course
Phone: 916-838-1302