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Dan McCullough 

I have played golf since I was 10 years old, playing with my father at Sunset Whitney Country Club in Rocklin.  Over the past 40 years, I have worked with several instructors learning that a simplified approach to making a repeatable and powerful golf swing will produce the desired results more efficiently.  I’ve learned that by only making a few minor adjustments during  a lesson will help to maximize enjoyment and to alleviate frustration that players of all abilities can feel.  I encourage golfers to focus on the basic fundamentals of golf and proper practice techniques to improve their game and to become more consistent in all aspects of the game.  I also like to focus my efforts toward helping golfers learn how to maximize the benefits of practice by practicing with a purpose.

Throughout the years, this great game has taught me a lot about life…how to deal with success and failure, how to remain focused, to act with integrity, and so much more.  I look forward to passing along what I have leaned to players of all abilities.

  • PGA Associate Member
  • Individual and group lessons
  • Flightscope swing analysis
  • Club fitting and Repair